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Skipping a rock over a frozen pond makes the coolest noise.

stick around for the surprise ending







*falls down fifteen flights of stairs and through a window*

boo ya

Yes. How dare us Americans panic about a disease that threatens our lives! And how R A C I S T of us because it comes from A F R I C A OH NO??? MUST BE RACIST!!!!!!!! And yeah sorry for bringing smallpox over, I mean, we personally did that ourselves. Ya know. A few hundred years ago. Yep that was us. We’ve been alive that long. So how DARE we be concerned for our safety when WE DEFINITELY killed MILLIONS with OUR DISEASES. Yes, it’s the black people we want to keep away - not the fatal disease! WOO! We’re so RACIST and SELFISH.

A Haitian woman was dragged off a subway because she was throwing up and people assumed she was African and had Ebola.

That is racism, not fear of disease, and your hyperbole doesn’t erase the existence of racism.

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